Nelly-Eve Rajotte
in Carleton-sur-Mer



Nelly-Eve Rajotte, Montreal, Québec |

Stem: Cinematographic work in large-scale projection – public space
Direction and music: Nelly-Eve Rajotte
Length: 12 min.

STEM is the sensitive encounter between the precariousness of survival and the sustainability of the machine. The device traces an unlikely landscape, it roams around the area and heads for the encounter with the tree chimera. It questions the machine and its capacity for poetic correspondence. In a crossing that tends towards the absolute, passengers will never touch the ground; they slip through the landscape sensitive to the sound of the intertwining of the murmurs of the wind, the polyphonic sequences of choirs and the dark scraping of strings – all this the result of algorithmic calculations (Turing machine).



After earning a bachelor’s in art history, Nelly-Eve Rajotte did a second undergraduate degree from the School of Visual and Media Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal, training that led to a master’s degree in 2006. Beyond numerous exhibits on Québec soil (SAT, Darling Foundry, Parisian Laundry, Occurrence, Clark, L’Œil de Poisson and Optica, among so many others), her works have also been presented in a number of festivals in Canada (MUTEK, Antimatter Underground Film Festival, International Festival of Films on Art, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal) and around the world: Interfilm Berlin, Lab30 and transmediale (Germany); Otherworldly at Urban Screens Manchester (United Kingdom); ExiS (South Korea); Moscow International Film Festival (Russia); Finnish Contemporary Art Fair; and Mutek (Argentina). She is finishing two years as artist in residence at Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal.